March has had its share of misfortune, and it looks to be a disappointing month in terms of running. My enthusiasm and urge to get out the door and enjoy early springtime miles in Colorado has come to a dead stop thanks to... something?

Allow me to clarify: I'm injured, and I have no idea to what capacity.

I wasn't running any further or harder than I had before. I wasn't trying to incorporate some weird new stretching or weight training into my routine. But nevertheless, there is a throbbing, aching pain in the lower part of my left leg that simply won't go away.

At first I thought it was just fatigue from training. I gave it a day to subside, and got back out there and felt fine. Then the paint came back, so I gave it another couple days and it felt normal. But now it's inescapable, and I don't dare go back out there and try to run until I can get a doctor to have a look and see what's wrong.

It could be any number of things. A bad case of shin splints, …

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