2017 Bear Chase Trail 50k Race Report

*NOTE: It's been a few months since I ran the Bear Chase Trail 50k, but I realized I haven't written up a race report for it yet, so I'm gonna do my best to remember the details.

When I made the decision to register for the Bear Chase Trail 50k, I was sitting at a burger joint on a Friday afternoon with a colleague. We had just finished plowing through a pile of fries, and I was looking out the window at the late summer afternoon in Colorado. The final stretch of training had begun for the Indian Creek 50 Miler, and I needed to squeeze in a final long run before taper began.

My laptop sat open in front of me on the restaurant table, and I returned my gaze to my internet browser window, which was open on In my free time, I enjoy hunting for future events to run, and I couldn't help but notice that there was actually a nearby trail 50k the following morning.

Yep, that's right. The following morning. As in... less than 24-hours later.

Now, normal folk…

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