March 2018 Recap

It took me a minute to shake off the disappointment of last month, but now I'm ready to do my monthly recap.

March was tough. I battled a bizarre leg ailment that kept me uncomfortable for close to three weeks. After a trip to the doctor and x-rays that came back clean, I decided to gently train through the injury. Slow, short runs combined with self-massage seem to have done the trick, as I'm now able to return to normal running activities. It's still not 100%, but it seems to be improving as I gain strength. That's all the green light I need.


Distance: 39.7 miles (down from 82.6 last March)
Time Spent Running: 6hr 39min (way down from 13:03 last March)
Elevation Gain: 1,002 ft (down from 3,955 ft last March)

I can't let myself get as discouraged as I'm feeling right now. I feel like a worthless failure. Sure, I was fighting off an injury, and I had to rest the way I did, but it's still tough. I tend to be a numbers-driven person…


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