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2016 Colfax Marathon

On May 15th I ran the Colfax Marathon. It was my first time running the entire course, having done the first leg of the marathon relay in 2015. You can view my specifics on Strava here.

I got to Denver City Park at about 4:45 AM to find parking. I'm glad I arrived as early as I did, because the lots were already starting to fill up. But with a starting line with thousands of participants, I suppose you have to expect some parking difficulties, right?

The weather was super agreeable; about 45 degrees at the start with no real wind to speak of. The entire morning never got above 55 degrees, which made for incredibly pleasant running. I had a cheap sweatshirt that I wore to stay warm before the start, but I tossed it before we even began.

I rant the first few miles at a comfortable 8:25/mi. Looking back, it may have been prudent to go a bit slower out of the gate, but that early race adrenaline had me pretty amped. By mile 9, a lingering glute strain began to bother me a little, but…

New Gear

I've been trying to step up my running game lately in preparation for what will eventually be my first ultra-marathon (I was hoping that race would happen this fall, but I got into the Chicago Marathon, so I'll be looking for an ultra most likely next Spring). In that spirit, I finally caved and decided to pick up a GPS/heart-rate watch to assist with training.

I've been rocking a Fitbit Charge for about a year and a half, but with this new device, I wanted something that would do more. The fact of the matter is that I really don't need a step-tracker. I get my steps in nearly every day. My goals don't revolve around steps, they revolve around mileage. And Fitbit doesn't really track mileage the way I'd like it to. So, after very careful research, I opted for the Garmin Forerunner 230. I won't go into too much detail about why I chose that one, other than to say it seemed to have everything I wanted at a reasonable price.

I'm thrilled that I won…